Simple Philippine-Based Payroll System

Elasticstaff is a payroll system that is designed to deliver simplified payroll processing operations for all businesses and industries based here in the Philippines. You don't have to be an accountant to use it, just import the timesheet from your biometric unit and generate payroll reports within seconds. Elasticstaff is designed to conform with the Philippine laws and labor practices. It is also designed to be highly customizable to adhere to your company's protocols such as shifts and overtime tracking. This tool helps you work smarter when creating your company's payroll.

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Easy to Setup

Elasticstaff is designed to be up and running for your business in just a day.

User Control

All transactions are controlled via the approval of an assigned user. You can set whether the user can only encode or can approve the transaction.

Responsive Support

Training is available especially for first time users. Just reach out to us so we can make sure you know how to use the system.

Report Generation

Generate payroll reports within seconds. Also available are government forms and reports generated within the system.

Accessible Anywhere

Generate payroll wherever you are anytime of the day. No more delayed processing.

Biometric Compatibility

Elasticpay is compatible with most biometric units available in the market today. Just export the time sheet generated by the unit and import it in Elasticstaff.

  • Report Generation
  • Intuitive Design
  • Quick Setup
  • Biometric Compatibility
  • Highly Customizable
  • Active Support
  • On Cloud or On-Premise
  • User Role Specifications

Report Generation

No system is complete without any reports. Elasticstaff generates the reports as needed within seconds. The list of reports includes company payroll documents and even government forms ready for submission. Some samples are:

  1. Employee-Employer Contribution Report
  2. Payroll Summary
  3. Adjustment Report
  4. SSS / Philhealth / Pagibig and other government forms
  5. Certificate of Contribution
  6. Certificate of Loan
  7. Time and Attendace Reports

If incase your company uses a special report, please feel free to let us know so we can customize one for you.

Intuitive Design

There are only 3 major steps when using Elasticstaff. Form, Approve, and Report. Form is where the user uploads the timesheet and the system automatically creates a tabular format with the corresponding conversions. Approve is where the manager approves the submitted payroll record. And Report is where all the results and other official reports are accessed.

This simple and intuitive design of Elasticstaff ensures that everybody can easily utilize the system without any need of a special skill.

Quick Setup

Elasticstaff is designed to be implemented in one day. Just access the setup page and place the proper values in the given parameters and you are all set.

This ensures that Elasticstaff is ready whenever you need it. You can also request for training from us so we can properly explain all the parameters to you as needed.

Biometric Compatibility

The design of Elasticstaff is tailored to make it work together with a biometric device. Such devices are easily available at you're local I.T. stores. These units export a time-sheet in a form of an excel file. This file is then uploaded into Elasticstaff and payroll computation is automatically derived from that point.

We can also provide you with a recommended biometric device if needed. Also, if you are already using a biometric device that is not in our list, let us know and we can gladly include it for you.

Highly Customizable

We understand that every company has their own practice internally when it comes to how they interpret their staff's payroll. That is why if the scope of your practice is outside of our default setup, feel free to let us know and we would gladly customize it based on your personal preferences.

Always remember that the tool should always help the user. The user is not the one to adjust to the tool. Customization is our guarantee that the system will work for you.

Active Support

Eulap Software Solutions has always believed that the success of any application or system lies with the developer's continuous support to make sure everything is working great and constantly updating. We have support teams on standby daily ready to assist you if in case you need anything from Elasticstaff.

Rest assured that updates to government mandated fees such as tax tables if ever there will be any are all handled immediately by Eulap to ensure you always get accurate results.

On-Cloud or On-Premise

Don't want to maintain a server? Usually working in the field, outside the office? Is there a need to access the payroll process or reports anytime of the day? Don't worry because Elasticstaff is designed to run on the cloud so you get to enjoy all these benefits. The servers being used are all hosted by Amazon/Google thus security is top notch.

Still not a fan of the cloud? No problem. Elasticstaff can also run on your premises so that everything runs locally. Eulap can setup your infrastructure for this kind of implementation.

User Role Specifications

The system is designed to handle different types of users based on their roles. One user can have access only to encoding, one user can have access only for approval and another user for reports. It all depends on your organization structure and fortunately, Elasticstaff is ready for that.

By having specific user roles, Elasticstaff can guarantee added security and accountability for all payroll transactions posted. This also increases visibility for your other users.


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